Welcome to Evie’s blog.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Evie has been living in the US for 20+ years now. Her background is in biology (animal science and microbiology) and she’s been a teacher for the last 9 years. Never a fan of the conventional, Evie has proudly never joined a club and doesn’t believe in instruction manuals. She approaches curricula and lesson plans with the same attitude.

Luckily, Evie works with an administrative team who understands her love for skipping down the road never traveled. She developed her own year long curriculum centered around pond microorganisms and started Science with Evie. The curriculum was presented at several national conferences, including the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA), American Society for Microbiology (ASM), and New York based organizations such as the New York Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) Technology Conference and STEMTeachersNYC’s STEM Expo in 2016.

Other people Evie has collaborated with include Marian Zavarsky in an electronic composition called ANATOMY – The Drop. A popular YouTuber @Jabrils for an episode on tardigrades and rotifers. And NPR Facebook Live for a 30 minute look under the microscope.

In her free time, Evie loves to live in other countries, tell stories, meet new people and collect pond samples. This blog is a collection of science questions, conversations, and stories. I hope you enjoy it.